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Hey watchers,

If I have some time on my hands, would any one be interested in a commission from me? I may wait awhile to begin some, but I thought I would ask. Thanks! Please leave a comment below.


(I am totally not offended if you say no XD)
Tagged by  transformer333

Rule: Tag 8 people

Name: Nobody, hence "Nobody was here!"

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Sleep Hours: Never!! (JK I wish!)

Lucky number(s): 99, 100, 101

Last thing you googled: Grammar rules

Favorite fictional character: This is a very hard one but still #1 in my book is Optimus Prime!

What are you wearing now: clothes!

When did you start your DA account? September 3, 2013

Number of watchers: 117

What do you upload to DA: As of currently, not a lot but I like to upload photos, stories, and digital art

Do you have other blogs: and that's about it...

Do you get many comments: Some, but it depends on what it is.

Why did you choose your username? I partially named it after my fictionally made superhero named Nightfall (whom hopes to make an appearance on my DA page soon) and I combined it with my icon picture of the morning thus Dawn2Nightfall!

BONUS question: If you could get a commission from someone here on DA, who would it be? 

See Below for details!

            THANK YOU ALL FOR IT! <3
            • you must me my watcher (even if you'll not win)
            • you must write journal/poll about this raffle
            • write comment with:
                    - journal/poll link
                    - character ref link
                    - your number (1. comment=1/ 2.comm=2/ 3.=3 etc...)
            • you can tag someone (optional)
            • CANINES ONLY

            you will be:
            • lined
            • colored
            • cell-shaded

            i can add:
            • hair
            • horns

            i'll not be at home next week - so it'll end how i'll come back!
            feel free to join c:

rekuriiDigital ArtistCSS Skin

WHOO hey errybody i just gained 2,000 watchers AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL like damn
out of idk how many things, around 50 people chose art raffle on my poll that i posted yesterday..
by the way.. this is the first time i do this so pls spare me if i mess up

1. you have to be a watcher to join!! new watchers are gladly welcomed
2. no side accounts or accounts that joined this week
3. you have to share this journal (however you want, journal, poll, status... etc) to join and link me back in the comments! favoriting this journal doesn't change anything~ 
4. once i give you your number, you're in! tagging your friends will give you a better chance of winning (for every 3 friends, you will get another raffle number as a bonus!!) but please no more than 15 friends!! 
5. to let me know you read all of this, comment melon!! just to be sure you read everything :"3

ALSO!!! just because your friend tagged you, doesn't mean you're in the raffle!! you'll have to do the same things as well to enter!!!

you cannot enter again by commenting and sharing twice!! if you've gotten your number/s, you cannot gain any more
i'll choose the winners on the 15th of june !!

there will be 3 winners! winners can get art like 

Don't break anyone's heart, they only have one
Break their bones, they have 206

Want to win 2000 points? See below!

JUNE 2,000 points GIVE-AWAY!

Journal Entry: Tue May 24, 2016, 4:46 AM

 Hello my friends! Heart I know you were waiting for another chance!

Dedenne Avatar by SeviYummy Dedenne Avatar by SeviYummy Dedenne Avatar by SeviYummy

There will be 2 winners in total:
1. 1,000 Points
2. 1,000 Points

Here come the rules! :

Star!1- New  Make a NEW journal featuring this one with the title "2,000 points Give Away by SeviYummy"

Star!2-Put the link of the journal you made featuring this one here on the comments.
Star!3-Watch me.
Star!4-Favorite this journal

NOTE: The rules are NOT optional! You have to do all mentioned above!
Bullet; Red Every time you add something to favorites, you are assigned a number in the "people who fave this" list. So if you don't fav this journal, there is no way you will be chosen, because you wont be in the list. 
Bullet; Red Once I pick the winner with I'll find the winner here in the comments and check if he/she followed the rules.
Bullet; Red If not, the "winner" will be discarded and a new one will be picked.

I'll use to pick the winner!

Dead-line is June 26


Dragonite gif by SeviYummy

Featuring artists below! The first 15 deviants to comment and fav this journal get featured. This is something fun to do to spread the news of artists and their work. Once commented and faved, you will be featured here and so will two of my favorite artwork of yours!

Original Journal idea see here:  FEATURING!!!The first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list!
!!! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. -
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.



Coming Soon May 2016! by Dawn2Nightfall LINK-ITW by Dawn2Nightfall
5.) :iconblueangelpower2003:   
6.):iconSketchyGL: Lyn ref(official) by SketchyGL
Annie And Moe! by SketchyGL Tory! by SketchyGL

1. :iconjacindaadams:

Their works: A)                                                             B)
Normal By Biueraven by jacindaadams             (Gift)pony by  :iconwinquts:           Manta ray by jacindaadams

2.    :iconrubinblitzkaiser:

A)                                                                                            B) 
APH: Neko!Germany (Sketch) by RubinBlitzKaiser                                                                    2P Russia (Sketch (Finished) by RubinBlitzKaiser

3. :iconalphawolf209x:

A)                                                                                             B)

Soar (Color Pencil) by AlphaWolf209x                                    Dark Forest by AlphaWolf209x  

4.   :iconmistystar7:

A)                                                                                              B)

                                                        TFP Starscream~ by Mistystar7












See below! Good luck to all who enter!


Yup, another update here. It's come to my attention that some participants in this raffle have deactivated their accounts after getting a number - I'm guessing it's because they have another account where they want to get the Core Membership without having to watch me there so to speak...

Just so you guys now, I do keep track of the people taking part in my raffle and once I've drawn the numbers for the winners, I will check the winners to make sure they are still following the rules. If they're not, I'll pick new winners.

I previously also told one participant that he/she/etc. could get the Core Membership on another account, but I unfortunately have to take that back as it counts as cheating.

So again, in order to participate, you have to follow all four rules, no matter what account you're using. 

I won't force anyone to keep watching me after this raffle ends, but of course it's much appreciated on my behalf if you do, but I do demand that people respect me enough to follow my rules.

Lots of love, Anna.


Today I found my first gray hair... or rather it was pure white. I guess I need to start looking at botox (and most definitely some color for my hair)... Either way, it didn't really help my age crisis and therefore I decided to make this raffle even better, so at least someone will be happy haha!

So there will be a second and third place as well! 

The person who comes in 2nd will get a 3-month core membership or if he/she/etc. rather have the money or points (15 dollars/1200 points).

The person who comes in 3rd will get a 1-month core membership or if he/she/etc. rather have the money or points (5 dollars/400 points).

The rules are still the same and if the winners wants the prize in cash they must have PayPal! Heart


This is the year when I turn the big 3-0 and even though I plan on continuing living in denial for a while longer (huge age crisis going on here, I tell you...), I thought I could celebrate it by making someone else's day better! :D (Big Grin)

So I've decided to have my very first raffle! 

The price is a 1 year Core Membership, paid by yours truly ^^ And if the winner already have a membership, I don't mind giving that person the same amount in cash or points (50 USD/4000 points). 

Anyone can join, whether you already have Core Membership or not :D (Big Grin)

Please observe, if the winner wants money instead, he/she/they/them/whatever must have PayPal!

I will use a random number generator to pick the winner!

Here are the rules:

- You must be a watcher of mine.

- Favorite this journal.

- Share my raffle in a journal or poll of your own.

- Comment here with a link to that journal or poll. I'll reply to your comment and give you your number, so you know you're in.

Please note that you need to follow all four rules, or else you won't be counted as a contestant! ^^

The raffle will end on my birthday July 23rd (Swedish time, no specific hour chosen).

Have fun and good luck! Heart

Want 1000 Points? See below!

1000 Points Raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 10, 2016, 7:14 AM

Points 1000 Points Raffle Points


Fav this Journal.
Please, make a journal advertising and link it back to this.
Comment when you did all above and you get a number.
Your account must be at least 2 months old.
You do not have to be a Watcher to enter.
After the deadline I use to get a winner.

Ends: May 25, 2016
Time: 21:00 CET (…)




UPDATE 3: If you have the time please edit your comment to add which prize you are entering for, As I am going through every comment I haven't and Have answered tomorrow to Write them into a Word file. By knowing what prize you are after I can then know after the winners name is pulled out what I need to award them with. e.g. If it's a tablet I can order it as soon as the winners name is pulled. Or can transfer money to gift the membership etc. I hope this is understandable as the giveaway has just got so huge on participants I need to keep it clear and crisp La la la la Thank you!! Heart Within the next few days I will update this journal with the close date. I wish you all a good luck, and a good day! Thanks guys~

UPDATE 2: Thank you To those who have entered for one or two tickets Aww Please can some people revise the rules, I've noticed some people are missing something. Thank you La la la la Good luck@
UPDATE: Way to get second ticket added, Read last rule 
I have pulled together the giveaway information now, it may change in the next few days, I will make sure I update the journal if it does. So here it is:

Prize Option 1:

Huion Graphic Tablet (Or a Wacom)

This is the first prize option which is aimed at those who seek a new tablet. I was debating giving away a wacom bamboo tablet, which itcould change to -if this is the case I will update the journal stating so-. But I've heard this is a good tablet, it's quite pricey, and according to the Huion website it is one of their best selling tablets. So I am going to buy this and give it away. ( I might get myself one too while I'm at it, these look good Meow :3 ) It has good pressure sensitivity and a fairly large active area. It has 8 Express-keys so it makes using your pc with it a lot easier as your using it. I've checked out the art that has been made with all the different Huion's and to be honest I think it looks awesome. Due to copyright I don't want to throw any of those images into the journal as I don't want to cause a fuss; but they're easy enough to find c:
Speaking of which, not that I think it is necessary to say, but just so it's out there. I do not claim anything to do with the Huion, nor is this giveaway anything to do with it in general, This is my own Personal giveaway. I claim nothing. 

Their amazing website:…

Prize Option 2:

One Year Core Membership/OR Points

This one is simple, for those that don't need/want a new tablet of sorts then I offer a year core membership, and if this still isn't desired then I will give the point equivalent.
The above information could change, whether that be the prizes or the rules etc. So be sure to keep an eye out for updated journals in the future.


Bullet; Purple You MUST be a watcher (New watchers are now welcome if they are here for more than this give away)
Bullet; Purple Favourite this journal, and comment below asking to enter~
Bullet; Purple The above is for one ticket, there will be a chance to get a Second ticket soon. Keep an eye out
Bullet; Purple To prove you have read the rules please add to your comment an icon of a panda. (many know this is my usual thing when it comes to raffles and contests.)
Bullet; Purple Be aware that as this is FREE I will only end the raffle and aware prizes if enough people enter. I have spent a lot of time looking up tablets and getting the money to award this, so I want it to be worth while, this is only possible if people enter... I hope this is also understandable .w. (No matter what as soon as the giveaway raffle takes off I'm excited to give someone a tablet!!) 
Bullet; Purple If you make a journal for this advertising that any watcher or new watcher can enter etc.etc.  and link me to it you will get an extra ticket. 
(Possibility of a third ticket is being considered, keep an eye out to find out more.)

Read the rules and comment below Heart

Good luck to you all! 

Hey fellow deviant artists! Here is a 30 day drawing challenge 2016!
Feel free to start any day and see your drawing improve!
Show off your art skills and post links to them below!
So get out your best drawing tools and have fun!


Day 1: A kind of fruit or vegetable
Day 2: Something you've never drawn
Day 3: Something with your favorite color
Day 4: A robot
Day 5: Sea Birds
Day 6: A clothes line
Day 7: An sea creature
Day 8: A scene from a book
Day 9: Your favorite flower
Day 10: A View from an airplane
Day 11: A futuristic car
Day 12: Something using pointillism
Day 13: An insect
Day 14: A shipwreck
Day 15: The World
Day 16: A dinosaur fight
Day 17: A colorful pattern
Day 18: Your favorite animal
Day 19: A scene from a fairy tale
Day 20: Something you don't like
Day 21: A short five panel strip comic
Day 22: A river scene
Day 23: A household object
Day 24: A strange plant
Day 25: A letter in any language or create your own
Day 26: Music or instruments
Day 27: A city on another planet
Day 28: the next technological advancement
Day 29: A space scene
Day 30: Your favorite superhero
Here are some of my OC's.


Wolves: Blazeclaw (male), Razerfang (male), Goldenwillow (female), Blacktail (male), Stonefang (m), Hawktalon (M), Shadowstone (M)

characters go with comic in process: The Lost Wilderness


Heroes: Nightfall, Spencer Freighton (superhero name to be decided), Galaxy Woman, Professor Blade and others

Villains: The Toxic Twins, The Shikari Warrior and others to come

Pictures and more info on the characters coming soon hopefully :D (Big Grin)

If you wish to make an art piece of one of them feel free to do so BUT please put ME down as the original artist and maker thxs!